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Dive into Desert Bliss: Why Buying a Palm Springs Home This Summer is a Smart Move (and How the Paul Kaplan Group Can Help)


Summer Househunting Tips in Palm Springs

Paul Kaplan

I've made it a professional goal to be known as a leader in the Real Estate industry in the Palm Springs market for the past 20+ years...

I've made it a professional goal to be known as a leader in the Real Estate industry in the Palm Springs market for the past 20+ years...

Jun 7 5 minutes read

Palm Springs beckons year-round with its sunshine, vibrant culture, and stunning desert landscapes. It's no wonder it's a California dream for many. But when it comes to buying a home in this desert paradise, conventional wisdom might suggest waiting for the cooler months.  However, there are surprising advantages to  considering a summer purchase!  Here's why buying a home in Palm Springs during the warmer months might be the perfect move for you,  and why partnering with the Paul Kaplan Group can make the entire process smooth sailing:

Unlock Summer Bliss Faster:

Summer may seem counterintuitive for house hunting, but closing the deal in the warmer months means you can move in and start enjoying your new oasis right away!  Dive into your pool, fire up the grill on your patio, and soak up the desert evenings before the tourist influx of fall and winter.

More Inventory, More Leverage:

The frenetic pace of spring might have passed, but summer can offer a wider selection of Palm Springs homes on the market. Sellers who haven't found buyers during the peak season might be more flexible on price or closing terms, giving you more leverage and bargaining power.  The Paul Kaplan Group's expert realtors  have their fingers on the pulse of the market and can help you identify these motivated sellers to get you the best deal.

See the Property Shine:

Summer showcases the true potential of a Palm Springs home. Lush landscaping, sparkling pools, and open floor plans designed for indoor-outdoor living are all on full display. You'll get a clearer picture of the desert lifestyle you're buying into, and Paul Kaplan Group's realtors with their extensive knowledge of Palm Springs neighborhoods can guide you towards properties that perfectly suit your desert living dreams. 

Faster Closings, Less Stress:

With fewer buyers competing and real estate agents experiencing a lighter workload in the summer, the closing process with The Paul Kaplan Group can often move faster. This means less time waiting in limbo and more time relaxing in your new home.

Beat the Winter Rush:

The peak season brings a surge in activity to Palm Springs, impacting both the rental and real estate markets. By securing your dream home in the summer with The Paul Kaplan Group, you'll be well-positioned and settled before the winter rush arrives, ready to enjoy your new home.

Thinking of Selling? Summer Can Be Your Season Too!

While we've focused on the advantages for buyers, summer can also be a prime time to sell your Palm Springs property. Here's why:

  • Serious Buyers in the Heat:  Historically, The Paul Kaplan Group sells more homes in summer months than winter.  Although homes may get more showings during the peak season, those looking in the summer heat tend to be more serious and ready to move quickly.

  • Easier Showings: Many people leave town for the summer, so it's often easier to show your home if you're not currently living in it too. Realtors, like those at The Paul Kaplan Group,  prefer showing properties when the sellers aren't there, and househunters appreciate that extra privacy too.

Things to Consider:

  • Weather: Be prepared for the heat! Schedule your home viewings during the cooler morning hours and factor in additional cooling costs when budgeting for your new home.  Bring water, wear a hat, and stay hydrated.
  • Market Fluctuations: While summer can see more motivated sellers, it's always wise to do your research and get pre-approved for a mortgage to ensure a smooth buying process.  The Paul Kaplan Group  can connect you with trusted lenders to streamline this step.

Overall, buying a home in Palm Springs during the summer months can be a strategic move.  With more time to enjoy your new property, a wider selection to choose from, and potentially faster closings, you might just find your desert paradise blooms even brighter under the summer sun.  And with The Paul Kaplan Group by your side, the entire Palm Springs home buying experience can be stress-free and successful.

Ready to unlock your Palm Springs dream this summer? Contact The Paul Kaplan Group today!  Give us a call at 760-459-1396.

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