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Dual Agency:  Why a Dedicated Buyer's Agent is Your Best Choice

Understanding the NAR Settlement 

Dual Agency: Why a Dedicated Buyer's Agent is Your Best Choice

Alex Dethier

Since entering the real estate profession at the Paul Kaplan Group in 2013, Alex Dethier has had a single goal in mind: to find the absolute best solu...

Since entering the real estate profession at the Paul Kaplan Group in 2013, Alex Dethier has had a single goal in mind: to find the absolute best solu...

Mar 28 4 minutes read

In today's real estate market, discussions about buyer representation are at the forefront.  The recent National Association of Realtors (NAR) settlement has brought renewed focus on the importance of having a qualified agent looking out for your best interests.  One option you might encounter is "dual agency," where a single agent represents both the buyer and seller in a transaction.

While the idea of a single agent handling everything might seem convenient or potentially cost-effective, there are significant risks to consider before entering a dual agency agreement.  Here's why a dedicated buyer's agent is the smarter choice for securing your dream home:

The Inherent Conflict:

The core issue with dual agency lies in the conflict of interest. A seller's agent wants to maximize the selling price, while a buyer's agent aims to get the best deal for their client.  This inherent conflict creates a situation where the agent cannot fully advocate for both sides.

Potential Disadvantages of Dual Agency:

  • Limited Negotiating Power: Dual agents might be hesitant to negotiate aggressively on your behalf. They might not disclose crucial details like the seller's bottom line or your highest offer, hindering your ability to get the best price.
  • Information Asymmetry: Important information about the property's condition or the seller's motivations might be withheld, putting you at a disadvantage during negotiations.
  • Compromised Loyalty: Despite ethical obligations, the financial incentive to close the deal quickly for a higher commission could influence the agent's decisions.

Protecting Yourself:

Here's how to safeguard your interests:

  • Seek Independent Representation: Choose a dedicated buyer's agent who works solely for you. They will have your best interests at heart, possess valuable market expertise, and fight for the best possible outcome.
  • Demand Transparency: If considering dual agency, ensure you fully understand the limitations and potential drawbacks. Request a detailed explanation of the agent's fiduciary duty and insist on written documentation outlining the representation agreement.
  • Trust Your Gut: If you feel any discomfort or doubt the agent's impartiality, don't hesitate to walk away. Find a Realtor® who prioritizes your needs above all else.

Your Investment Deserves the Best Representation:

Buying a home is a significant financial decision.  Don't let the allure of a potentially lower price cloud your judgment.  A skilled buyer's agent can save you money by securing a better deal, protect you from unforeseen issues, and guide you through the entire process with confidence.

At The Paul Kaplan Group, Inc., we believe in putting your needs first.  Contact us today to connect with a dedicated buyer's agent who will champion your homeownership dreams!  760-459-1396 [email protected]

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