Palm Springs is HOT and its not even summer yet.  The rebirth of Palm Springs has been making international headlines lately, almost daily!  Here are just a few snippets from a selection of recent posts. Click on the titles for the full posts.....

The 10 Hippest Cities in America By Gogobot || 1 March, 2016 

"There is no universal definition of “hip.” For some, it’s hipster — that ironic cool that has been perfected by the likes of Brooklyn and Portland. For others, it’s trendy and fashion forward, showing off the latest, chicest clubs, restaurants, and boutiques, a la Miami or LA. And while big cities are often known for being hip, smaller cities get passed over, but that shouldn’t be the case. To find the 10 hippest mid-sized cities, we grabbed the U.S. cities with ranks #100-900 by population according to census data and sorted them by the preferences of our Trendsters Tribe. They’re smaller, sure, but each celebrate cool in their own unique way.  #1 is Palm Springs"

Photo: Palm Springs Art Museum by: Ryad A – Courtesy: Gogobot

You don’t have to be gay to love Palm Springs (but it helps)  (New York Post)

" Palm Springs — a charming resort city located about 100 miles east of LA — is known for its vibrant LGBT culture. But look at this locale through a wide-angle lens and you’ll see it’s a thrilling destination with plenty of fun for all."

No SAD snowbirds in Palm Springs  (Westender-Vancouver)

Grant Lawrence — Westender

Van Shake 0225
Canadian-owned Ernest Coffee & Bootlegger TIKI Bar

"The first thing you’ll notice is the brightness. You’ll instantly reach for your sunglasses when you step off the plane into the warm, open-air arrival terminal. Looking up, there’s just something about a palm tree against a blue sky. Welcome to Palm Springs, California."


At home with Elvis and Sinatra: the modernist superpads of Palm Springs